“Catch My Drift?”

Hebrews 2:1, “For this reason we must pay much closer attention to [a]what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it.”


         There are two major parts of this verse that really stick out to me. “We must pay much closer attention”, and “so that we do not drift away” are those two things that stick out like a sore thumb to me. God’s word is telling us that we need to pay attention to the things we have heard in His word so that we do not drift away.

Think about how easy drifting really is. It takes no effort at all to drift. Just by doing nothing you can drift away. Yes, it’s that easy. Some of us struggle with daydreaming. Some of us just struggle with paying attention no matter what is in or not in our day. Some people get sleepy after lunch and begin to drift away from the work they are supposed to be doing. I remember as a kid in school it didn’t take much for me to “drift away”.

The same thing is true for us in our spiritual lives. Miss a Sunday at church, and the next one will be a little easier. Have you been trying to read the entire Bible through this year? Miss a day, or take the weekend off and see how hard it is to get back started on your routine Monday morning. Have you been battling with a particular stronghold in your life? If you’re not relentless about seeking God and His help to overcome it, drifting away from seeking the goal to overcome that stronghold will be very easy.

It’s important that we pay MUCH CLOSER ATTENTION to what’s important. God, His word, and our obedience to His word is of the utmost importance. We have to pay close attention to our obedience and disobedience to Him if we are going to become the men and women God is wanting to make us.

Dave Ramsey has talked for many years about living a debt free life. He uses the example of running like a gazelle. A gazelle can run in bursts up to 60mph at a time. That’s intense! We need that intensity when it comes to pursuing a growing relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. That intensity on God, and on His word is what we are like when we are PAYING MUCH CLOSER ATTENTION to God and His word.

Today, may our prayer be, “Lord help me to pay very close attention to the work You’re doing in and around my life. Help me to see where you are at work and help me to get involved. ( Like Henry Blackaby used to say.). Help me to be focused, and not to drift. Please give me that intensity in my life. Amen.”.


Pastor Bryan


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