“Racial Problems – Satan’s Work, Not God’s”


John 3:16, “16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

         Recently, even this week, the news media has been highlighting the racial divide that is so prevalent in the United States today. It almost seems contradictory to have “divide” and “United” in the same sentence. This blog post today is not to get into a he said / she said, or who’s right / who’s wrong argument or to go into the great details of history. In fact, to the English junkies out there this may drive you crazy because I’m just going to throw down some things that we need to be reminded of today. My basis for these reminders is based on God’s word, and I will point us to John 3:16 ( stated above ).

First – We need to remember that all men, women, boys and girls are created equal. The Bible teaches and tells us that we are created in the image of God. That means we are equally created. Yes, some may have different abilities, talents, and gifts. We are different in our God-created uniqueness, but we are all created equal as far as God goes, and that trumps everyone else’s opinion.

Second – Being equal means we are ALL sinners. Regardless of your opinion God says that we are all sinners and have come short of His standards. Romans 3:23. So, if anyone out there has the notion of somehow they may be better ( or even worse ) than someone else based on skin color, socio-economic status, ability or any other thing, remember you are born a sinner. Everyone is. Remember, we are created equal.

Third – Being equal means we have the same great need. We are created equal. We are equally a sinner just like everyone else; therefore, we all have the same great need. That need is JESUS! I need Jesus, you need Jesus, and there’s no one out there that doesn’t need Jesus. (See, I told you grammar junkie I was going to test you J LOL ). So, if we ever get to the point where we think someone needs Jesus more than ourselves we have become deceived and are not thinking clearly.

Fourth – God made it possible, in His great love, that ANYONE can become a Christ-follower. Look at John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that whosoever..” Look at it. Think about it. Immerse yourself in that for just a moment. God didn’t say you had to be a certain race, at a certain economic status, have a certain gift or ability, or even act a particular way. God says that He loves His created people – humans. He loves people so much that He sent Jesus, His Son, to live on this earth, die on a cross, and raised Him up again to live forever so that we, through Him ( Jesus ), could have eternal life. The truth is God only sees two types of people, and so should we – saved & lost. That’s it! I have brothers and sisters in Christ who are white, black, Asian, Spanish, and the list goes on and on. I have lost people in my life that are white, black, Asian, Spanish and again, the list goes on and on. Inside, their blood is red that pumps through their bodies. They have a heart, a set of lungs, kidneys and all the same organs that are inside my body. They may not look like me, but neither does my very own sister – Christy. Praise God – she’s beautiful and doesn’t look like me J .

Here’s the POINT – At the foot of the cross at Calvary where Jesus died we are all the same. We are all sinners. Romans 3:23. We all have the same need – Jesus who brings forgiveness. Romans 6:23. God loves us all – His creation. Romans 5:8. And everyone has the opportunity to receive Christ. Romans  10:9-10.  So, let’s strive to see people through the lense of Scripture, and not through the media.

Last POINT to remember – We will do good to spend more time in God’s word than watching the news on any form of media. To be fair and accurate there are some really good journalists and reporters out there. Just like preachers and police – the one’s that get highlighted the most are the ones who have failed in their representation of their position. So, I want to thank those journalists who work hard to report truth. But the truth is no matter how you look at it we will do ourselves a great service and justice to pay more attention to God’s word and see people in light of it rather than paying attention and putting all our eggs in the basket of the media. Watching the media is likely to make you upset, but God’s word will point you to loving people no matter the situation. Besides, keep in mind, all this stuff including the media will be gone one day, but God’s word will live forever.


Pastor Bryan


1 thought on ““Racial Problems – Satan’s Work, Not God’s”

  1. Good message. It brought this quote to my mind: “If my fellow Christians were as passionate about the Holy Bible as they are about politics America wouldn’t be in the mess that it is in today! Many are entering the dangerous territory of placing “politics” over Faith. That, my friends, is a very bad place to be. “ and this photo:

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