Are You Alert?

1 Corinthians 16:13, “Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.”


         About two weeks ago it was extremely hot where we live. In fact, that Saturday the temperature was around 110 degrees, and the heat index was even higher. I was working outside ( at my own pace ) doing some yard work that desperately needed to be done. I paced myself which meant taking frequent breaks. During one of the breaks I found myself playing fetch with our dog Rocky. He’s a big lab that thinks he’s the size of a small terrier. Rocky is normally on high alert and knows when a stranger enters our property line. He’s friendly, but his bark will let certainly let us know something is going on or someone has arrived. After playing fetch and some other games with him in the intense heat, Rocky was anything but on high alert. After drinking some water, he laid down, tongue hanging out, and appearing as if he didn’t want to move at all. Rocky had a lot of fun playing games, but at that moment he was no good to me as a guard dog.

This short little episode in Rocky’s life made me think a lot about our lives as Christians. Paul, was telling God’s people that they needed to be alert. I need to be alert, you need to be alert. If we are interested in serving God, and living faithfully to Him, we have no choice but to be alert!

I think often we are so easily distracted by habits, hobbies, and just “doing life” that we let our guard down. We get lazy on the things that matter because we use all of our energy and attention-span on things that really have no eternal value. So, here are a few QUICK things to keep in mind today as you focus on your relationship with Jesus.

  1. BE ON ALERT – Paul told us to be on alert because our enemy, the devil is running all over this earth seeking God’s followers out, and trying to mess up their lives. Sometimes it’s something like a “little white-lie” that we have told that allows Satan to eat at us and tell us we’re no good, and we stink at following God. Other times it may be something like an extra-marital relationship that has gotten out of hand and destroyed a family. God is for you Christian! Satan is NOT! Therefore, please BE ON ALERT!
  2. STAND FIRM IN THE FAITH – You know, it’s hard to stand on ground that you never walk on. Have you walked through the Word of God today? Are you waiting to spend time with God? Don’t wait. The best way to stand firm in the faith is to stand on the word of God. Study it, pray over it, ask God about it, and obey it – the word of God.
  3. ACT LIKE MEN – Yes. This statement does apply to you ladies too. Paul was simply saying, act like men, not like children who don’t know any better. Work through God’s word to become more mature in your faith. Don’t listen to every spirit that you hear. Make sure that you test any spirit you hear by God’s word. Parents guide children. Parents are to be adults and to act like adults. If you saw a child leading a parent in important matters you would wonder what was wrong with the parent. This would be backwards. So, don’t act like children who have not matured, but act like men who know to do right.
  4. And lastly, BE STRONG – The more time you spend with God, and in His word, the stronger you will be. God did not save you, forgive you, and give you new life for you to leave weak, disobedient, and malnourished. He saved you because He has things prepared for you to do. He gives you purpose and meaning in this life. The life you have RIGHT NOW. Be strong!

So, if you’re a child of God, it’s time to be strong in your faith, stand up for Jesus, and live for Him TODAY! Be on alert, because you have an enemy that will not be happy that you want to serve God. But be encouraged, because God ( who lives in you Christian ) is far greater than Satan. God is for you, and for you living victorious in Him.


Pastor Bryan


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