Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish:”

             Vision for any organization is important, but for the people of God who make up the local church it is vital. We see a profound statement from the writer of Proverbs here in 29:18 when he states that if there is no vision, where vision lacks, in the absence of vision, there is a horrible and devastating effect. The end result is the people die. They perish!! This is why vision was vital in the days of the early church, and it holds no less value in today’s church!


  1. Vision begins and ends with God. It is up to God to birth the vision within the heart of His servant. God is the author of the vision, and He can give and revoke the vision at any time and as He chooses. This is a good thing because if man is faithful to the leading of the Holy Spirit, then man has the resources he needs to be able to fulfill God’s vision.
  2. Vision will involve a caster. In other words, the vision is given to God’s man or woman who has consecrated their life to Him for His use. Don’t get narrow-minded. This could be the full-time vocational minister, or it could be the housewife that begins an at-home ministry for abused women. God chooses whom He will use to cast the vision, but you can be for sure it will be someone who has dedicated their life to Him. The caster is vital, because when there is the absence of someone to cast the vision people are left to their own devices.
  3. Vision calls people to obedience. You see the writer of Proverbs here was showing that when there is no vision for the people they perish. Why? It’s because they become left to their own imaginations of how things should be going, and how they are to live and conduct themselves. When there is vision, and where there is vision people are called to carry out an order. They are called to carry out a vision that began in the heart of God. To live in obedience at that point means they have to be living in a manner towards the direction of the vision. To do otherwise would be disobedience.
  4. Vision will bring change. I know that many times we are resistant to change, but know that when God gives the vision, change is a good thing. We see all throughout the Bible how God used great men and women to carry out what He willed to be done. Every time there was some kind of change that was involved. We should never be afraid of change as long as there is no attempt to alter God’s word, authority or Scriptural principles.

Vision is vital! May one of our daily prayers be to allow God to lead us, guide us, and provide His vision for our lives and the churches we serve in so that we may have the privilege to partake in His glorious work.


Bro. Bryan